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If you’re one of those people who hears the word “fireplace” right now & think “Oh no, I’m not ready to think about cold weather”, I get it.  The Summer Solstice was just recently and I cringe of the thought of winter too.  But let’s take some time NOW to think about renovating your fireplace so it will be ready to enjoy when that “W” word rolls around. Besides, we see them in our homes all year long and they can serve as a beautiful focal point.  There’s never a bad time to give them a little love and attention.

Fireplaces are not impervious to trends that can make your home feel dated or maybe you inherited a fireplace that just isn’t your style.  There are also some people who may not be fortunate to have a fireplace but really want one.  If you fall into any of those categories I’m here to tell you there are solutions! If you’re not one of those people, congratulations!  You can still read ahead to get some ideas for other rooms or just enjoy some really cool before and after pics.

There are different degrees of fireplace rehab.  Some of you may just need a change of color and mantel décor adjustments.  Others of you may be looking for complete facelift or built-ins.  The photos below are fireplaces that Revisions Interior Design has revitalized and I hope  they will inspire you to take on the challenge before the cold wind blows…

Don’t be afraid to paint wood!  This photo is shows how much of a difference paint can make.  The fireplace has a very heavy feel in the first photograph.  It’s very large for the wall but with the removal of the wood paneling above the mantel and placement of the paint colors, it appears more to scale with the rest of the room. 

Before an interior fireplace transformation“Before”- the wood surround overpowers ceiling height
After an interior fireplace transformation

“After” interiors by Revisions Interior Design


This is another solution of balancing the scale.  In this case, the fireplace surround is made larger to fit the height of the room, using a large scale textured tile.  The fireplace works as a focal point more successfully when the surround is raised.  The darker wall color also helps to accentuate this.

Fireplace design with high ceilings

“Before”-fireplace gets lost with the massive ceiling height

Redesigned interior fireplace with high ceilings

“After”-interiors by Revisions Interior Design


These photos show what painting the surround a darker paint color can do for your fireplace.  In the before photo, you can see how the white surround makes and eyesore of the black and brass color of the fireplace insert.  After the painting and retiling, it blends more with the rest of the fireplace’s architecture.  The glass tile panel above the mantle is removable so the homeowner can take that with them when they move.  It works to give the fireplace more height and creates visual interest because of the different materials.

Outdated fireplace design

“Before”-simply outdated!

Modern fireplace design

“After”- fireplace redesign by Revisions Interior Design


In these before & after pics, the wood around the fireplace matches the trim of the house.  By painting it a different color it stands out more as a focal point.  The tile around the fireplace provides a different texture and warms up the appearance.

Fireplace "Before" Picture

“Before”-nothing special here…

Fireplace "After" Picture

“After”-interiors by Revisions Interior Design


If you currently don’t have a fireplace, take a look at this photo to see what an impact it makes in a room.  This is a very simple and modern design for a fireplace focal point.  Instead of logs it has clear glass chips, which gives a very beautiful and sparkly effect.

Before Living Room Picture

“Before”-where’s the focal point?

Modern fireplace den

“After”-interiors by Revisions Interior Design


Fireplace surrounds do not have to be symmetrical! This is one of my modern favorites….

Living Room Before


Balanced, Modern Fireplace Design

“After”-perfect balance by Revisions Interior Design


Hopefully this has given you some ideas on how to create a fireplace you’ll be happy to come home to, no matter what the weather.  As always, if you’d like a little (or a lot) of help refreshing your fireplace Revisions Interior Design is here for you!

Keep it swanky!


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