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10 Ways to Use a Picture Frame

Trying to decorate your home yourself often can be an overwhelming task, so we are here to help with some creative framing ideas. Plain photos on the wall may not achieve quite the look you’re hoping for, so let’s see how you can utilize all those beautiful picture frames…

Here is a list of 10 ways to use a picture frame that you can adapt to your personal style and color scheme.

1. Wall Collage

One of the simplest ways is to load up your walls with them. Whether full of pictures or just interesting frames, your walls will get a unique splash of visual interest.

Wall Picture Frame Collage

2. Beautifying Household Fixtures

Everyone has necessary switches and thermostats that may not look the best hanging out on a wall. Celebrate them! 

Light Fixture Frame


Thermostat Frame

Peephole Frame

 Who remembers this??

3. Racks

Like the fixtures, racks may not be the most attractive items in your house. Throw a frame in there to bring some life to the hangers-ons.

Towl Rack Picture Frame


Key Rack Picture Frames


4. Message Boards

Always leaving post-its and pieces of paper with notes for your housemates? Reduce the paper clutter by using a framed corkboard or chalkboard.

Picture Frame Corkboard

Chalkboard Picture Frame


5. Trays

For boring tabletops, find a frame with interesting details and use it as a decorative (or even useful!) tray.

Picture Frame as a Tray



6. Table

Conversely, just to have a more interesting table!

Picture Frame Table


7. Framing Unusual Things

For those with a flair that’s a little more adventurous, try framing things one wouldn’t normally think to frame.

Picture Frame Ceiling


Decorative Picture Frame


8. Clocks

Instead of getting a clock from the home store, make sure that yours stands out by using picture frames for the numbers.

Clock Picture Frames

9. Defining Space

Putting a lot of frames together might seem like hard work, but this ceiling collage made up of spray-painted thrift store frames is an easy way to balance the scale of this room with high ceilings.

Before Picture

Ceiling before (Ice Cream Parlor)

Decorative Ceiling Picture Frames

Ceiling after (Pizza Parlor)

Interiors by Revisions Interior Design

10. For Pictures!

Last, but certainly not least, just use them for treasured photos, framing old calendar pages or even beautiful images from magazines! Putting pictures in interesting combinations on your wall or tabletops can work for more than just fond memories, it also brings a homey touch to your…well, home!

Picture Wall Collage



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