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[ “O Sweet and Lovely Wall…” ]

painted-chair-682x1024Paint is the simplest way to add instant pizzazz to any space! It is amazing how a certain color can create ambiance, make a room look bigger and even affect your mood… give life to those white walls! Sounds easy, right?

Many of you may be overwhelmed by all of the paint choices and don’t know where to start.
Have you noticed that swatches look different at paint store than in your home? Are you having trouble coordinating new paint colors with your existing furnishings?

Revisions Interior Design can help you find the perfect color palette that coordinates with the things in your home such as kitchen and bath cabinetry, floor finishes, furnishings, favorite accessories and most importantly–your lighting.

As a designer with access to all major paint brands, I can bring you 8” x 10” sheets of actual paint color samples to tape and move around your room during different times of the day. Now you can visualize how the color makes you feel BEFORE painting. Energized? Relaxed?…Much easier than painting those sample colors all over your walls!

For a stunning paint effects for your rooms, contact me today for a color consultation!